Best Rug Types Perfect for High-Traffic Areas

by Ferry Passchier
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Rugs are best for when talking about their ability to withstand high-traffic areas. These rugs are commonly used in residences and commercial spaces. Not all rugs have the same quality. If you want it to last a long time, you need to choose the best one in the market. Here are a few examples of rugs that you can invest on.


  1. Berber Rugs

If you are looking for a floor rug singapore for high-traffic areas, the Berber rug is one of the most recommended. The looping pile used in the manufacturing of these rugs greatly contributes to their longevity. The loops result in a textured surface which is why they are great for high-traffic areas.


  1. Flatweave Rugs

Dhurries and kilims are examples of flatweave rugs. These rugs are more resistant to dust and dirt mainly due to their thinness and how tightly woven they are. Flatweave rugs are highly sought after for their simplicity of design. These rugs are easy to maintain. If you want a rug that is worth your money, then flatweave rugs are one of the best options.


  1. Natural Fiber Rugs

These carpets are not only lovely to look at, but they will last for years. Most of them are constructed from tough materials like seagrass. They are strong and won’t get damaged quickly, so they can withstand heavy foot traffic. This is why rugs made from natural fibers are so useful in commercial spaces. Because of their simple yet textured appearance, they can also serve as decorative accents.


  1. Nylon/Polypropylene

These types of rugs are specifically designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. They are highly recommended for commercial spaces. They are made from sturdy materials like nylon or polypropylene, both of which are proven to withstand high traffic wear and tear.

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  1. Outdoor Rugs

Despite their name, interior use is quite a  trend for outdoor rugs. It turns out that they also work wonderfully in residential and commercial spaces. These carpets can withstand plenty of foot traffic without wearing out quickly. They will be ideal for interior use if they can survive the elements outside.


  1. Wool Rugs

Wool rugs have a reputation for sturdiness and longevity. These rugs are resistant to matting and crushing even under heavy foot traffic. The wool rugs and carpets are great for indoor use. Their soft texture makes them comfortable to walk on. They also have a built-in capacity to conceal dirt and repel stains.

If you are shopping for the best rugs and carpets for high-traffic areas, make sure that you take into consideration the options above. This way, you can ensure that you are making a great investment. These rugs will continue to be performing at their best for a long time.

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